MT Series

Bridge type Milling and Turning Machining Center

  • Multi-task purpose provides various applications and demands : 5 sides milling and turning machining purposes for customers.
  • MT series of all in one design concept offers multiple machining procedures: milling, turning, boring, and drilling etc.
  • WELE own developed hydro-static bearing of rotary table unit provides the heavy loading and keep long term precise accuracy.
  • The rotary table's Cs axis backlash eliminated design reaches indexing in 0.001 degree incrementally.
  • Automatic head/ tools exchange system well prepared for milling & turning purposes.
  • Angular head storage along W axis any position: Automatic tool & head exchange available. (Only MT-16W or MT-20W)
Specification/ Machine model Unit MT-16 MT-20
X axis travel mm (in) 2800(110.2) 3200(125.9)
Y axis travel mm (in) 2600(102.3) 3000(118.1)
Z axis travel mm (in) 800(31.4)
Max. diameter mm (in) 1600(62.9) 2000(78.7)
Max.turning radius of gyration of area mm (in) 2100(82.6) 2500(98.4)
Max. height of turning mm (in) 700(27.5)
Max. width of milling mm (in) 2300(90.5) 2700(106.2)
Max. height of milling mm (in) 900(35.4)
Table loading kg (lb) 12000 (26455) 15000(33069)
Spindle motor power kW (HP) 22/26 (30/35)
The highest rotational speed of Vertical milling rpm 10-6000(0.39-236.2)
The highest rotational speed of Horizontal milling rpm 10-2400(0.39-94.4)
Spindle taper   BT#50 (ISO 50)
Rapid feedrate - X axis mm(in)/min 18000(708.6) 15000(590.5)
Rapid feedrate - Y axis mm(in)/min 18000(708.6) 15000(590.5)
Rapid feedrate - Z axis mm(in)/min 15000(590.5)
Cutting federate mm(in)/min 1-10000 (0.04-393.7)
Capacity of tool magazine pcs 32
Max. diameter of tool / Adjacent pocket empty mm (in) 127/215(5/8.4)
Max. length of tool mm (in) 400(15.7)
Max. weight of tool kg (lb) 20(44)
Positioning accuracy (JIS 6338) mm (in) ±0.015(0.000591)/ full travel
Positioning accuracy (VDI/DGQ 3441) mm (in) P=0.019(0.000748)/ full travel
Repeatibility accuracy (JIS 6338) mm (in) ±0.005(0.000197)
Repeatibility accuracy (VDI/DGQ 3441) mm (in) Ps=0.015(0.000591)
Length of the machine mm (in) 8200(322.8) 9200(362.2)
Width of the machine mm (in) 6670(262.5) 7070(278.3)
Height of the machine mm (in) --- ---
Weight of the machine kg (lb) 30000(66138) 35000(77161)